Jun 28, 2011

[ OTD ] Adventure Time!

... I wish my cable was connected so I could watch that show again. *pouts*
Today I revisited Egypt. I rarely ever travel there unless it's for gacha or to give a newbie a tour, but this time it was just for nostalgia. 

I find it funny when I'm trying to get a screen shot of my pico and others enter the map just as I'm doing poses (by myself). It gets a little awkward... sometimes I even have to politely ask them to move out of my shot. So if you ever see me behaving this way... just please, understand why. xD;
Exhibit A:  I was going to take a shot but then this guy decided to show up.  It got even more awkward when he didn't respond. Oh, how I love moments like these... *tip toes then runs away*

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