Jul 7, 2011

Total ugh-ness

Me thinks me hates this quest. 

Jul 5, 2011

All Dem Stars.

Have you visited the new park? I have and I lawves it. LAWVES, I say. I only wish they'd add more clothing, etc. to this theme because it's just so awesome. I can't wait to see what else they release this summer. o3o

Jul 4, 2011

Random Screenies.

In my newly decorated room after I wasted a gazillion AG on the wedding gachas. T_T
Something I found. Can you guess where? :o
This is an older screenie, but I figured I might as well show it before I trash it.
My luckiest spin at the slots today ( 10x rates woo-hoo! ). I did pretty well, overall.

Jul 2, 2011

[ OTD ] Dancin' for Props

Today I was met by a kind stranger in the Beginner Park.  We didn't speak much, but just danced mostly. He wanted props so I decided to help him. Sadly, he left (after his 30 props were fulfilled) without a word but before that he allowed me to take a few pictures. 

His name is •ⓑ ⓤ ⓑ ⓤ ⓡ™® ƒ and he was my twin for approx. 5mins. Want > Perma. twin now. T_T

Jun 28, 2011

[ OTD ] Adventure Time!

... I wish my cable was connected so I could watch that show again. *pouts*
Today I revisited Egypt. I rarely ever travel there unless it's for gacha or to give a newbie a tour, but this time it was just for nostalgia. 

I find it funny when I'm trying to get a screen shot of my pico and others enter the map just as I'm doing poses (by myself). It gets a little awkward... sometimes I even have to politely ask them to move out of my shot. So if you ever see me behaving this way... just please, understand why. xD;
Exhibit A:  I was going to take a shot but then this guy decided to show up.  It got even more awkward when he didn't respond. Oh, how I love moments like these... *tip toes then runs away*

Piou Piou's Guide on Pandas

Just a fyi :  I am not an expert on pandas nor have I owned a pet other than a panda. This is just a guide showing my knowledge of how a panda can be kept. and how I have raised mine. If you find that a piece of information is incorrect, let me know and I will gladly edit it. Thanks.

[ Relation ] ( I will add to this as my panda progresses. )

I've read that a pet's relation increases depending on how many days you've owned it ... partly true. I've had mine for 14 days and it's only at level 8 relation. However, people who have off-lined for days~months have noticed an increase in their panda's relation (w/out feeding it).

I've also read that a pet's relation depends on it's mood ♪ ... again, I don't believe it to be true, because I've managed to keep my pandas to a minimum of 4 for the most part and have gone days without its relation increasing.

So, how do I think relation is calculated?  -shrugs- Not entirely sure. I wish an admin. would tell us... T_T Infact, yea.. TELL US! Tell me! Pretty please? lol

Here's what I do know, as your panda's relation increases so does it's actions, but it depends on the relation level.

Relation 1 - 'Pet'
Relation 2 - 'Lift Up'
Relation 4/5 (can't remember exactly) - 'Paw'
Relation 8 - 'Lie Down'

[ Mood ]

Hopefully, not all pandas are as moody as mine and one day I'll afford another one that's a little less... needy.

Boo Boo's characteristics are Social and Fashionable. It could be that his mood changes so often because of this, but I'm not certain if pandas are just all that way.

Anyways here are a few tips to help increase your panda's mood . . .

When your panda stands next to you, use the 'Paw' action.

When your panda sits next to you, use the 'Pet' action.

And when he/she stands upright next to you, use the 'Lift Up' action.

Last tip, be sure to leave a few Bamboo Grasses out while you're offline. These tips will all help increase your pets mood and possibly level up it's relation faster.

( To be continued . . . )

Jun 26, 2011

[ OTD ] Bodily Changes ( No, not those kind. Freak. )

 Today or I should say yesterday, because I've been awake since then, I had several outfit changes for my pico. Plus I almost completely transformed her appearance. I still like the previous face, eyes, etc. but I needed a change because... well, that's just how I am. I like change. I need change. Plus, it's kind of neat to be able to go from a brunette to a red head then to a blond and so forth all in a day. Unlike in my reality where I am only so limited.
You can't tell from this pict. but she now has auburn hair, and blue eyes. You shall see in future posts.

I temporarily changed my pico's name to:  ♡_♡  

Jun 24, 2011

Why you mad, bro?

Today I was in the Newbie Park, sharing food just sitting on the fountain and minding my own business when "Anonymous Male Chara." sat down next to me.  I paid no attention to him, because I had no interest in interacting with him. A few seconds later he gets up and out-of-the-blue says, "im gonna push you in the fountain." I thought he was poking fun so I poked back with "You can sure try." He then called me a uh... female dog, basically. I literally laughed out loud because it was so unexpected. This isn't the first time and it won't be the last time someone bullies me online. Here are some ways I like to handle these kind of people:

✕ Question their behavior. Make them believe they're illiterate scum of the Earth.
✕ Make them feel as if their words have no effect on you ( play dumb, basically ).
✕ Get all troll happy and troll them back plus more. (Oh yeah, go crazy. It's super entertaining.)
✕ Or, you could just choose to completely ignore them. (This usually P/Os them beyond belief. Very effective.)

Yea, I guess you could say I like confrontations. *cough* Anyways, back to my story! For this guy, I took option one; he wasn't worth trolling back and I wanted to set him in his place. I gave the little guy some advice about manners and used some psychobabble on him. Guess what he did. He shut himself up for a second or two and then left the map; probably went to find his next victim.

So, I'm sorry if this was super long (if you read it at all). I tried to shorten it. 


Well, the thing is...

... I didn't go to bed after all. I ended up going back online and winding up on pico somehow. Good news for moi though, I finally earned enough casino cash for a Gold Casino Card ( ´∀`)

 I might be down $500CC from blackjack but HEY it's a gold card and it was my goal. Now I'll go try and win back my losses before I really go to bed. Goodbye again! xx

Jun 23, 2011

[ OTD ] Lazy day

Today, I slept in until way past noon (T^T)  and only had enough leisure time to hop on pico for a quick run at the casino slot machines (it was 10x slot rates, apparently). Anyhow, before logging off, I wanted to make a quick update of my OTD.

Here it is; plain and simple.
 Have a good night, picos! Haha, back to sleep I go~

Jun 21, 2011

[ my pet ] this panda . . .

a few days ago, Jun 13th afaik, i caved and finally bought a ...
panda! *-*
yes, a whoppin' 600ag gone in an instant, but i'm quite satisfied with my purchase now.

a lil' about him: 
he loves eating (at least 3 times a day ._. ) and loooooves attention & if you're wondering, no i'm not making this up it's just his behavior. it's rather irritating sometimes, quite honestly u_u' oh well, i'll live. 

his name is boo boo✫ ;named after my real life boston terrier whom i call boo bear. n_n

his profile. i need to finish it. argh.
he always stands on that bamboo o:

[ OTD ] intro, please.

Well, this is my first entry... ever! I can't believe I've had this blog for over 6 months & never touched it; not even once. 
I've decided to make it Pico related to document my experience on Ameba Pico. I am, after all, rather addicted to it lately. (TOT)

Anyways, here's a snapshot of my character wearing the OTD (Outfit of the Day). I think I'll start posting OTDs regularly. 

Her name is piou piou♡